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Psychological Testing Assessment

I provide comprehensive psychological evaluations and psycho-educational testing for adults who are experiencing or exhibiting a variety of behavioral, emotional, academic, and developmental challenges. Testing can help identify areas of strength and weakness and to clarify problems that are impacting one at school, work, or home. More specifically, an evaluation can provide documentation of a mental health or developmental disorder that may be used by your school, therapist, or other providers for treatment planning. I take the time to understand the constellation of factors that have contributed to your current difficulties. This ensures that you receive a written psychological report that is highly individualized, thorough, and accurate. In addition, I uphold a standard of producing reports that are professionally written, yet understandable to the people who the results usually have the greatest impact on – you! Once the report is completed, I will sit down with you to review the results and answer any of your questions.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgeries have been life altering for many people. However, some people do not achieve the level of success that they hoped for. Underlying psychological issues may impede bariatric success. I do a thorough and comprehensive intake for bariatric assessment in addition to multiple psychological measures in order to increase your success.

Pain Management

I have worked with medical providers to provide suitability assessments for narcotic pain management, spinal cord stimulators and intrathecal pain pumps. The overall goal is to help you find quality of life and improved daily functioning with a minimal amount of medication.

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